Wetland Delineation & Restoration

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We have over 50 years combined experience delineating, mapping and assessing wetland resources. AE conducts wetland delineations following the protocol put forth in the 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual (2009 Regional Supplement). AE performs wetland functions and values assessments utilizing both the Army Corps of Engineers functional assessment protocols and the Vermont Wetland Evaluation Form. AE has participated in wetland reclassification petitions based on the outcome of functional assessments, including reclassifications of Class 2 wetlands to Class 1, Class 2 wetlands to Class 3, and Class 3 wetlands to Class 2. A large component of our work has been to develop specific management recommendations for the preservation and enhancement of wetland resources. We have worked for numerous municipalities, non-profit organization, private businesses, engineering firms, developers and private individuals in identifying, delineating and assessing wetlands throughout the northeast.



The partners of AE have developed and implemented numerous wetland restoration and wetland creation plans. We have worked closely with the Vermont Wetlands Office, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Agency of Natural Resources Enforcement Division to design and implement restoration plans for a wide variety of hydrological and ecological situations.

AE utilizes the performance guidelines developed by the Regulatory Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District in developing both mitigation and restoration plans for project sites. AE has worked extensively with the performance guidelines and has prepared numerous plans all of which have been approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Featured Project

Wetland Restoration

AE was retained by a southern Vermont ski area to restore a seepage wetland that was impacted by construction of a ski trail.  Using careful grading, natural check dams, native seed mixes and erosion control measures, AE developed and implemented a plan to restore the hydrology and vegetation to this wetland.  Subsequent monitoring as shown that the site is recovering well and wetland functions and values are returning.