Surface Water Studies

stream1_crop Streams

AE has worked extensively with the State of Vermont River Management Program conducting Phase I and Phase II stream geomorphic assessments. As a component of these projects, we routinely conduct bridge and culvert assessments on a watershed basis. We employ standardized methods for collecting and evaluating geomorphic and habitat data, as developed by the River Management Program. Phase I and Phase II stream assessments culminate in the development of a River Corridor Management Plan. AE has developed such plans for the Huntington River, the Browns River, East Creek, and the Missisquoi River.

Text_Water LilyLake & Reservoir Studies

AE scientists have worked closely with Vermont ANR and a local non-profit organization to map and control invasive aquatic plants in Lake Champlain. AE has also worked on the development of an Aquatic Community Classification for Vermont. AE has worked with the Lake Champlain Committee to develop an early detection and control system for aquatic invasive plant species in Lake Champlain. AE scientists have completed limnological assessments in both the US and Canada, and water quality planning documents for freshwater lakes and ponds. AE has also completed impact assessments relating water level drawdowns in reservoirs to overall lake ecology.

Featured Project

Lake Champlain Aquatic Vegetation Mapping
AE, in partnership with the Lake Champlain Committee, has developed an aquatic natural community classification for vegetation in the lake, as well as a system for identifying and mapping Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS).  Knowing where significant aquatic communities are and which are being threatened by AIS, helps in developing a Priority Action Plan to protect these communities.  The Priorty Action Plan, along with continued monitoring and control can lead to a more balanced aquatic ecosystem and a cleaner lake.Featured_FB Harvest_crop_400