About Us


Dori Barton, MS; Owner, Consulting Ecologist, Project manager, Permit Specialist: 

Barton, an AE managing partner, is a trained ecologist with a diverse background in environmental consulting. She conducts stream geomorphic assessments, wetland delineations and functional assessments, wetland restoration and mitigation plans, erosion and sediment control plans, and environmental permitting and permit review (including Vermont Act 250, State of Vermont and Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Permits, State of Vermont Construction Permits).In addition to ecological work, Ms. Barton also writes proposals, conducts marketing, and acts as business manager. Ms. Barton holds a Masters in Watershed Science from Colorado State University and is a certified Erosion and Sediment Control Specialist. 

email: Dori Barton



Jeff Parsons, MS; Owner, Wildlife Biologist, Ecologist: 

Parsons, an AE managing partner has extensive experience working with a wide variety of local, regional, and statewide private and public organizations. He has extensive work experience in the following areas: wetland delineation, functional assessment, restoration and mitigation, wetland educational programs, environmental impact assessment, wildlife habitat assessments, lake and pond management, natural areas identification and protection, trail development, community natural resources planning, environmental policy, recreation planning, and environmental permitting. He has provided expert testimony numerous times before the Water Resources Board, Act 250 District Commissions, Environmental Board, Public Service Board and other court cases. Mr Parsons holds a Masters in Natural Resource Planning from the University of Vermont. In addition to his work at AE, Mr. Parsons has taught various ecology courses at the college level for over 20 years. 

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Michael Lew-Smith, MS; Owner, Botanist, Ecologist: 

Lew-Smith, an AE managing partner, has extensive and varied experience working closely with Natural Heritage Programs, The Nature Conservancy and private individuals and organizations. He has conducted wetland delineations, ecological restorations and inventories for rare, threatened and endangered plants.  Much of his work involves the mapping and assessment of natural communities for public and private land managers and conservation groups.  Mr Lew-Smith is one of the founders of the Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project, which mapped and assessed vernal pools across the state.  Some of his recent work involves inventory and control of invasive aquatic plants and the development of an aquatic natural community classification in Vermont. Mr. Lew-Smith holds a Masters in Plant Biology from the University of Minnesota. 

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Aaron C. Worthley, BA; GIS Analyst, Staff Scientist: 

Worthley, an AE managing partner, has extensive training and experience in survey and mapping technology, natural resource inventory and assessment and design and graphic computer applications. He is the principle GIS Analyst for AE responsible for project mapping, GIS and CAD plan development, spatial data assessment, spatial database management, remote sensing, spatial, visual and hydrological modeling, and site surveying using a variety of modern technology.  He also conducts field inventories and assessments for wildlife tracks, sign and wildlife, avian habitat assessments and wetland delineations.  Accomplishments include extensive map, plan and visual aid development for municipalities, organizations, businesses and private landowners, court exhibits, public presentation and project planning, wildlife and bird monitoring and inventory, tree inventory project development and implementation, habitat assessment, ecological predictive modeling and mapping.  

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