Volunteers in Huntington, Vt. supported by the Huntington Conservation Commission have been collecting data since 2001 in an effort to better understand the patterns and locations of amphibian migration throughout the town.   This effort takes place mainly on the first warmer rainy nights in the spring when salamanders and frogs make their way from their upland habitats to vernal pools and wetlands where they breed and lay eggs before returning to the surrounding upland forest.  During the migration, these amphibians often cross roads to move from one habitat to another and are in peril of being squashed.

This project encourages volunteers to (safely!) head out on appropriate evenings to assist these rarely seen critters get where they need to go.  Along the way, keep track of what you've found and where and enter in the form below.  This sort of citizen science helps us understand where conservation and public awareness efforts can have the biggest impact.

Data Entry Form
Map of all Data Collected
Amphibian Identication Guide